August 8, 2020

3 Mobile Advertising Mistakes to Avoid at all costs

When a few years back, mobile advertisements became the new sensation in the marketing world, advertisers and business owners all across the world wanted to try it out, especially since it worked well with the young customers. But, businesses embraced it without well-throughout plans and improper execution, with a lot more confusion as compared to earlier media channels.
So, mobile ads weren’t very smooth as a result – poorly designed, disruptive, distracting without a proper regard to the audience and their experiences. Even today, there are a lot of problems relating to mobile advertising, including the ad viewability and ad blocking.

The main issue here is that customers no longer like ads, they have a particular disdain for ads. And this is a problem. But, businesses cannot just not pursue mobile advertising, because a mobile is device that people tend to keep close, with as much as just as an arm’s length away. This close connection is something businesses need to exploit in order do well. Mobile phones can be a very powerful medium of marketing. We, therefore, bring to you a list of mistakes that one has to avoid in order to avoid your audience from getting irritated of your ads. Read along to avoid the skip:

(1) The first blunder companies tend to make is that they don’t understand that ads that can be run on desktops aren’t always compatible on smartphones – ineffective formats, such as banners, interstitials and auto-play pre-roll ads. Businesses have to customize their ads that can leverage well on mobile phones in order to deliver great user experience.

(2) It is well known that as much as about 90 percent of mobile users spend their time on mobile apps, and not on the browser. So, it is quite disturbing to know that most businesses still allocate quite a portion of their ad funds on mobile web, instead of in-app. It is important for businesses to make connections on the common apps that people tend to use.

(3) It is very naïve to assume that ads do not tend to have viewability issues on the mobile screen, and that problem is only for the desktop. Viewability is a major issue, and it cannot be sidelined, because only about 37 percent of all the ads are actually viewable on the mobile screens. So, employ IAS or Moat that could track mobile viewability for you, so that your mobile campaigns don’t go a total waste.

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