September 19, 2020

Be happy

What’s the point of life?
Getting heavy here today, strap in.
At a biological level, it’s reproduction. Simply put, we’re here to make more humans. But for me anyway, this crucially important act lasts all of 10 seconds. So what do we try to do with the rest of our time? Survive, and make ourselves happy.
The thing about happiness is its incredible elusiveness. If you asked anyone, “What would make you happy?”, they’ll probably give you a generic answer without really thinking about it. But, even if we do give it some thought it’s not an easy answer to pin down. Many times we chase after things to give us happiness, only to realize once we have it that in fact it doesn’t do anything for us.
It’s been a theme of past posts, but the need for appreciation is truly a key to being happy. If you don’t learn to appreciate what you have you’ll be insatiable and continuously wanting more. You’ll never be happy because you’ll feel as though you never have enough. Along this same train of thought, it’s best to live every moment in the present. Thinking about the past can provide us with insight, but more often than not we remember more of the bad than the good. We get stuck thinking about agonizing moments or replaying situations we wish we could do over. And the future? Well, it’s unpredictable. Again, in some cases it’s worth pondering but many times we paralyze ourselves with fear of the unknown. We have limited control over the future and none over the past. Why burden yourself with worry over things that cannot be changed? Think about it for a moment if you must, then move on.
Find what you are passionate about. If you don’t know what it is yet, keep trying new things. Then, once you’ve found them use those passions to give yourself purpose and to alleviate stress from your life. It will be impossible to move forward with finding happiness if you have emotion bottled up inside.
I’ll leave you with this…
Think of happiness like a cat. If you want the cat to lie in your lap, the more you call to it the less likely it is to come.  However, if you make your lap cozy and inviting (and have some patience), you just may have some luck.

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