August 3, 2020

Behind the name

Shorter post today – just wanted to touch on a brief explanation of how the name came about and my logic behind it.

If anyone has tried to purchase a domain before, you know how difficult it can be to find a decent available site name. People buy domains and don’t use them for anything, in hopes to sell them to someone in the future who wants it. The whole thing is ridiculous, but I knew I wanted to write about money and personal finance and I never actually had a site of my own so I came in thinking my first pick would just be available. Truthfully at this point I can’t even remember what I originally wanted the site to be called. I still really don’t and come up with new names all the time but I guess I’m sticking with what I’ve got now. Anyway, after trying about 10 different names I had no luck finding any that were open. I took a nap, came up with Get Money, Got Money and it was the first domain I came across that was available so I was pumped. It’s about the small victories.

Before I committed to it, I tried to think about what type of message I wanted to get across with the theme of the posts and if it would still generally match with the name. Since I wanted to talk about money and that was half of the name it seemed to work. But the more I thought about it the more I realized, the name is perfect. It may be a bit cheesy, or sound like a line from a rap song, but it embodies what I’m trying to help people do here. If you break down reaching financial independence into two phases, there is phase one; accumulating wealth and phase two; preserving wealth. “Get Money” represents phase one, where we learn about finance and build up a money stash. “Got Money” on the other hand is the transition you take once you have reached FI, you truly understand finance, and your aim is now to preserve your money. Learn & Build, Understand & Preserve. Or as known here Get Money, Got Money.

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