October 1, 2020

Can You Build a Successful Business with a Spouse?


Doing business is all about partnership. But we never consider doing that with our life partners, do we? How big a deal is it to run a business successfully with your spouse? If one comes to think of it then it might seem fairly easy and more convenient than doing it with some outsider with whom you only have a professional relationship. Life partner turned into a business partner could be the best thing for you. But there is a flip side to it too. Mixing the personal and professional spheres to such an extent can brings with it the scope of chaos and great deal of disorder in your life. Maintaining a work life balance can become extremely difficult. That is why you need to go by a set of specific rules when it comes to running a business with your spouse.

  • Divide responsibilities

In your home there might not be any strict rules and division of labor that separates the household chores between you. But a similar casual attitude cannot be continued in the workplace too, because here it is not about doing the dishes. It is not as if it doesn’t matter who does or doesn’t do it. Here it matters who takes the decision. There should be a clear cut division of responsibilities. Discussions and suggestions would be welcome but only one should have the final word. The employees shouldn’t be under a confused and indecisive authority. If they sense a hint of unprofessionalism then their attitudes too would get casual and such an atmosphere cannot get you the desired results.

  • Don’t let the personal and professional spheres intersect

The best part about building a business with your spouse is that you get to share your passion with your better half. Two minds working towards the same goal with the same amount of passion and dedication is so much better than one. But here there are chances of you or your spouse getting overboard with the enthusiasm and rupturing the whole thing. Your whole day will start revolving around the business only. But this is something which you do not desire for the welfare of your business in the long run. Enthusiasm is good but having conversations without work coming in the way is essential too. You two people are not only building a business but a household too. Both need their due attention and care to grow and prosper.

  • Work life balance

To achieve this you need to do a few things always, like pretending that you do not work together. Pretending that you do not work together creates an illusion that you do not work together which gives you the excitement to know about each other when you get back from work. It gets difficult after a point to meet and greet the same person everywhere you go, be it office or home. To not let this concert into a breach of personal space, work separately at different locations with different routines, like complete professionals. Set some time aside for your personal engagement.

At the end of the day it all depends on your personal camaraderie. Your dedication to work together, come what may, will dictate the success of your business.

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