August 8, 2020
Business in new state

Do I Need a New EIN if I Move as a S-Corporation to a Different State?

Business in new state

One thing that’s certain about business is that there is always change on the horizon.  Whether it’s a new direction for products/services offered, an alteration in the way you operate, or a changeup of team members, change is inevitable.  As your company grows, one of the changes you may likely encounter is that of moving your S-Corporation to a new state.

When moving your business operations to a new state, there are many things you’ll need to consider, but obtaining a new employer identification number (EIN) is not one of them. As long as your business was registered properly the first time around and you applied for an EIN using a valid mailing address in your original state, you should be covered on that front.  You will, however, need to update your contact info and your address at your new location at once you’ve settled in.

Reasons Why an S-Corporation Would Need a New EIN

While changing states as an S-Corporation doesn’t necessitate getting a new EIN, there are a few circumstances that would require that.  Typically, they all involve some change to the business entity’s status or standing.

  • If your company becomes a subsidiary of a bigger corporation
  • If you already are a subsidiary and are currently using your parent company’s EIN for tax reasons
  • If the secretary of state issues a new charter for your S-Corporation

Need Help Setting up an EIN?

If you haven’t yet set up an EIN, contact the professionals at the IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service.  Whether you’re needing a Virginia EIN, a Wisconsin EIN number, or one from any other state, they can help you to do it correctly and legally, so you can get your business off the ground and on its way to being a successful entity.

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