October 1, 2020

What You Don’t Know about Auto Insurance Will Cost You

Beyond knowing that you have to carry insurance on your vehicle, what do you know about auto insurance? Far too many drivers are unaware of the factors that affect their rates, nor do they know anything about national or local facts. If you’re in that group, then it’s time to figure out how you could save money on auto insurance while remaining safe and protected.

Bundle your car insurance with a renters or homeowners policy, and you can cut your monthly costs or double the savings if you’re insuring more than one vehicle. Although you’re generally required only to have liability insurance on your car, dropping comprehensive coverage isn’t wise unless you’re dealing with an older model or a vehicle that’s rarely driven. You also have to remember that you’re not entirely limited in your choice of an insurance provider. Don’t trust the first rates you come across. Shop around and, as you do, ask about the possibility of bundling.

Insurance isn’t an afterthought: Don’t think about it after you buy a vehicle. According to Health IQ, you’re more likely to score a fair rate for a quality policy if the new car has an excellent safety rating and anti-collision features. Stay away from sports cars and avoid the color red, as well. Be proactive about any black marks on your driving record. Retaking driver’s education or enrolling in a safety class will prove that you’re trying to do better. Take a simple quiz to find out how you get bottom-dollar rates for top-quality policies.

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