October 1, 2020

Factors To Keep In Mind When Selecting A Trading Instrument

When investing in the financial trading market you need to focus on the trading instrument. Also known as securities, the instrument refers to the various markets that you can invest in through sales or purchases. 

Your choice of trading security is important to how stable your investment will be. The market is unpredictable hence you need to properly know which instrument to bank on for a successful trading stint. You also need to know that they are very essential movers of your trading strategy which revolves around the choice you make. Below are some factors you need to keep in mind when selecting preferable security.

  • Short Term Or Long Term Investment?

One important thing you need to look at is the intended duration of the investment which is either short term or long term. When talking of short term investments in trading, the duration can range from a day to a few years while long term can take a couple of years as per your goal.

When choosing an instrument for a short term investment goal, you need to look at its liquidity. Being liquid means that you can easily convert the assets to cash. In liquidity, shares and currency pairs rank among the best to invest in.

For long term goals, you might want to get into less liquid assets more so those that are in contract or forms of derivative trading such as long term options trading.

  • Associated Risk

Another facto you need to look at is the associated risk of investing in the asset of your choice. The market is generally risky with a thin line separating your chances of a profit or loss. You need to conduct market research to know which assets carry more risks and if they are worth it.

Most of the time, the higher the profitability of trade the riskier it is. The risk is more pronounced when you opt for short term trading where volatility brought about by price fluctuation is a characteristic. With a clear strategy, you can use the fluctuations to your advantage and avoid the risks.

  • Tax Efficiency

In a legitimate market, taxation is a constant factor where part of your earnings or investments attracts a levy. When looking for a suitable investment plan in an instrument look at its tax efficiency with the tax being an expense. This means the levy needs to be friendly for your profits to be worth.

Exchange traded funds are among the best when it comes to taxation efficiency and also low costs.

  • Stability Of The Market

You also need to look at the stability of the market before settling on a particular security. Conduct market research and look at the projected prices when it comes to the trading instrument. As the market is characterized by high and low seasons, look at how the option will be congruent to these changing times.

As part of the research look at previous standing in different economic situations to see if this is where you put your funds. A stable option is the way to go due to the predictability factor which is key in making your investment decisions.

  • Profitability Of The Investment

One of the main reasons for venturing into the financial market is to make a profit from your initial input. As such it is necessary to look into the profitability facet of the venture. You need to check on the gins you earn per unit of the asset you decide to bank on. In this case, once again research of the market comes in handy to guide you the right way. 

For maximum gains, the investments should be decent and the more assets you buy the higher your projected earnings. Therefore, look for affordable options where you can buy several units for later resale.


Financial trading instruments are essential elements in the market and you need to have a deeper insight on how they operate to make it in this industry.

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