October 1, 2020
Advertising tips

How to make a Good Advertisement

Advertising tips

What are advertisements? They are means by which brands and companies, be it new or old, are able to establish contact with the public. Advertisements let people know about any new product, offers, discounts, sales, opening of restaurants or bars or hotels, or anything that a seller wishes the masses to know about. Thus, they are very important in the process of buying and selling. They play a major role in deciding the economic status of a company, city or country. Advertisements can, in short, be explained as a means of communication between the company and potential buyers.

It is very important for advertisements to be effective. They must reach the target audience and efficiently convey what the company wishes to portray. Thus, the creative team of the company must keep certain criteria in mind while making an advertisement. First of all, the medium of advertisement must be chosen. There are several means such as newspapers, radio, television, road banners, bill boards, magazines, word of mouth promotions and the latest trend of social media advertisements which is rapidly gaining prominence. Thus, one or several of them must be decided on and worked upon.

After choosing the medium, the target audience must also be fixed. For example, toys and ice-creams are more likely to lure kids while cars and real estate advertisements and more inclined to attract the earning section of grown-ups in the society and city. These advertisements can be regional or national, according to the reach of the company and resources.

In order to make the advertisement good and catchy, the designer must ensure to use attractive and easy to phrases and tag lines. Offers must be highlighted in a color and font that are easy to read even from a distance. In case of openings of restaurants, bars, lounges and restaurants, key features such as the approximate cost for two, cuisines and good illustrations must be kept in mind. In fact, in case of products also key features and images must be presented in an organised manner. It is also seen that some action words such “buy now” and “go today” have more influence on the minds of the customers. “Free” is also known to get buyers for obvious reasons.

While celebrities and famous faces can be hired, online ads can also be purchased. Social media marketing is a very cost effective means and collaborations with bloggers, use of trending hashtags, giveaways and flash sales are setting new records to be achieved. Coupons with newspaper ads and magazines must never be underestimated because though they are the traditional methods, they still reach far and distant areas. Gripping jingles for television and radio advertisements must also be created which follow a rhythm. Another way is to understand and ride high on emotions in order to let the viewers connect and feel for the product and place.

Thus, advertisements must be unique and created after a lot of thought. The latest trend is also to made advertisements which have the potential to go viral through memes!

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