October 1, 2020
car accident

How to Make Get Money from Your Car Accident Settlement

car accident

Is your car just ran into an accident? Do you have any clue how to get the most out of your car accident settlement? Negotiating an accident settlement without a lawyer or getting an attorney to help you recover losses for damages in a car wreck sounds easy but are you getting your due compensation? What if the damages are worth more than what the insurance company is paying you? Well, making sure you get the most money for your claimed damages is a bit daunting but certainly possible if you consider my tips.

Keep a Personal Record

Keep a personal record of all details from the scene of the accident including the other driver’s name, address and license plate number! Record statements from witnesses, mention any authorities you informed and maintain a diary highlighting every little detail that you can remember. This will serve as an evidence for your car accident settlement. Also, keep a log of your doctor’s notes if you received any injury, bills, medical records, and recovery process details.

Hire an Experienced Attorney

I would suggest hiring a good local attorney specialized in car accident settlement. They will make sure you are on track to snag the most amount for your filed claim. A professional car accident attorney has a lucid idea of what insurance companies look for when processing such claims. Since most insurance firms are focused on paying you as less as possible, a good attorney ensures that all relevant paperwork and research work including solid evidence, are complete to get your car settlement claim accepted and maximize your recovery. Most lawyers work on contingency fee basis, which means they receive fee once you get the settlement amount. Generally, any expert attorney will charge a rate of about one-third of the settlement ballpark or at least 40%, if the car accident case requires filing a lawsuit.

Communicate Effectively With Your Lawyer

For a settlement recovery, you need to work closely with your attorney so you can build trust and a strong relationship to sway the claim in your favor. If your insurance firm approaches you with an offer for the claim, discuss it with your lawyer first. The figure might be less than you deserve. Listen to your lawyer and pay attention to legal advice. Prepare any records and supporting evidence required from you in collaboration with the attorney. Make details of the accident, witnesses involved, the other driver’s details, any injuries you received, bills, work excuses due to injury, medical records, car damages, and your doctor’s notes etc.

Pay Attention to the Supporting Evidence

Supporting evidence, as I highlighted earlier, is key to getting the maximum compensation for any claimed damages. You are trying to convince the other party to pay you as much as possible as a result of the impingement or wreck. So, you need to put your best foot forward, provide ample and poignant evidence that clearly shows how you have been affected, what losses have you incurred and what pain & discomfort are you going through without appearing defensive or nagging.

Know Your Audience

You should be well aware of the expectations of your insurance firm and the legal implications involved when filing such a claim. You will need to convince your insurance firm that you deserve a hefty amount for your claimed damages. Therefore, work with your attorney to take your insurance adjuster into confidence clearly highlighting the incurred damages and the consequences of going to trial. Most insurance firms will be happy to settle for a good amount if they are provided with good supplementary evidence for the claims. Why go to court for a decision in your favor if it can be negotiated at the insurance firm.

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