September 20, 2020

I f*****g hate ads

So I decided to put them on my site (:

These ads don’t pay much. Hardly anything at all, really. But like other things, I want to try it as a bit of an experiment. Before I even began the blog I was going to initially try to set up an online store for people to buy stuff. Then I considered pairing the store with a blog to increase traffic. Then I decided on a personal finance blog. But pairing a personal finance blog with a store would go against everything I have to say like, “do not spend money on stuff you do not need”. And I felt like talking about money and trying to help people was more important than a store so here we are.

Bit of a tangent from the ad thing. So what’s the deal?

Since I’m still on my way to reaching financial independence and want to get there quickly, I figured it would be worthwhile to look at monetizing the site in some way. And I figured people might be interested in how it works. As of posting of this, the site still has a very small following. So again, if I’m lucky any revenue this generates might be enough to buy me a candy bar at the end of the year.

Because ads so often try to sell us useless shit, I’ll try to filter it so it only shows somewhat relevant products. Moving forward I may look for other ways to try to monetize the site but never at the direct expense of the readers. But if you want to willingly check out the ads, be my guest.

Also as a quick note, I initially tried to use adsense but their code didn’t work well with the site. Once I was able to make it compatible, Google emailed saying everything was working. But even now my adsense account is essentially frozen, it won’t let me do anything. So I’m using instead. Not that impressed with them this far either. Their ad looks shitty and I just generally don’t like their account dashboard.

I’ll be sure to update on how successful (or not) they end up being later on.

Update (2/12/17): DO NOT use the links are a bunch of spam sites and I’m not happy at all about it. Almost forced me to shut down the site and just generally caused a nightmare. The ads have been taken off the site and I’m honestly lucky to be back up and running.

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