August 3, 2020

How to Improve Work Ethic in Employees


Creating a positive work atmosphere is a must for any organization. It is quite necessary for smooth functioning of a work place. The productivity of an organization is directly proportional to how motivated the employees are. If they are well motivated it is sure shot thing that their contribution towards the organization will be more. But employees have to be motivated at a regular basis. So as a help, we are mentioning certain things that you can do from your end to increase the motivation and maintain an ethical work sphere.

The first and the foremost thing that you can do is become a good example. If they see that their leader is giving the best he or she can for the company, it is obvious that the employees will also feel boosted to act in the same way. On the other hand if you are someone who slouches and does not give priority to his or her work, the staff is going to imbibe same attitude. Hence making yourself a good role model goes a long way in motivating the employees.

The next thing you can do is set clear goals. Employees need to know what is the end result of the hard work they are putting in. And more than that it provides a clear pathway for smooth functioning of one’s work. If the goal is stated clearly, the employees will have a clear vision and will start working according to the goal. In contrast if you have no goal set, there will be confusion and cluelessness amongst the employees as to what is supposed to be done. Hence always a clear goal!

Peers can be a great source of influence. So taking benefit from this aspect, what you can do is, start rewarding the employees on their good work ethics. When the others see this, even the less productive one’s, they are going to be pushed to perform better and gain the recognition.Incentives and rewards go a long way when it comes to providing the motivation.The feeling of being appreciated is something that every human being wants. So taking clues from this human nature, you can start schemes like employee of the month or any other special rewards system. But still there are some employees who are motivated by monetary aspects. It is difficult for a company to shell out money and pay to those who perform well. But what you can do is give them a certain gift voucher or a product to those who perform their job with utmost sincerity. The key here is to understand the kind of employees you have staffed. And understanding how they will be motivated. Then accordingly you have to use to extrinsic motivation factors to motivate them.

There are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors. Extrinsic is in your hands. But do remember that motivation and the will does not come in a day or two. You have to be constant with your efforts and keep on offering them different incentives. It may seem like a task now, but is surely rewarding in the long term.

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