August 8, 2020

Is Apple Worth the Price you Pay?


Apple, initially led by Steve Jobs, is one of the top companies of the world. It is not just a company but actually a revolution that changed the way people look at luxury. It gained fame due to the device known as iPods on which people could store music and listen to them anywhere at any time. No doubt a Walkman existed by then but this one little song device changed history and now man could manipulate and use technology. This is then followed by several other Apple devices such as the iPhone and MacBook along with several other Apple items. In fact, a saying which has often been on rounds is that 3 apples that changed the face of humanity are those that fell on Isaac Newton’s head, the one that was bitten by Adam and Eve and the one that was headed by Steve Jobs. It is indeed true and there can be no arguments related to that.

Other than the novel features of the devices, what made people pay more attention to Apple products was the fact that it is so highly priced. Literally there have been memes on social media that people need to sell of their kidneys and other organs of the body in order to be able to purchase Apple products. There have been certain retaliations from the brand loyalists as well, that there is no force or imposition on anyone to buy an Apple product if they cannot really afford it. This is what leads us to a very important question that are Apple products actually worth the price we pay?

It is true that there are several similar items that are available in the market at way cheaper prices. In fact, Apple or the brand loyalists never claimed that the products sold by Apple are unique or different. On the contrary, they have always propagated the fact that the high price is totally worth it because of the superior design and services provide by the company. Though there have been cases when the iPhones started to bend and the face recognition on their devices worked utterly wrong, it is no secret that Apple continues to enjoy attention and ever-increasing buyers by the tick of the clock. Also, you must understand that buying and Apple product is now more of a status symbol for the masses. However, you cannot still overlook the fact that almost every other person we meet nowadays has an Apple product.

A great advantages of Apple products is that they can never be attacked by virus. This is really great in a time and age when other products by other companies of the world are constantly faced with issues. Mocked for not providing Bluetooth services to the people and removing the earphone jack, Apple is totally worth it if you wish to invest once in a product that is bound to last long. Though their warranty period is just one 1 year, the products, if handled with care and caution, are bound to work for a long time.

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