August 3, 2020

Lend a hand

Just finished watching Manchester by the Sea.

Holy shit.

As ridiculous as it may seem, it really did serve as a reminder how tough some people have it. Of course, it was a movie. The whole thing was scripted, actors were playing all the parts, but that’s not to say things like that don’t play out in real life.

In case you’re not familiar *spoiler alert* the main character, Uncle Lee, watches his house burn down with his kids inside, divorces his wife, and loses his parents and brother within a few years of each other. Then, he is forced to try and take care of his brother’s son. Quite the story.

It served as a reminder to me that my perspective and everyone’s perspective is biased, skewed by their view of the world. It’s not their fault or anyone else’s, it’s just how the world operates, it’s just reality. Some people are simply less fortunate than others.

What if you weren’t born in the country you were born in? How would your life be different? What if one day something happened to change your life, for the worse, or for the better? How would things change? As I’ve said before, life is unpredictable and sometimes just not fair.

Where am I going with all this?

The reason I started this blog, naïve or not, was that I thought I could help people with money. I still think that and hope I can. But, as a 22 year old who just started working his first real job out of college 6 months ago, I don’t know shit about the real world. I haven’t encountered many difficulties in life. There are people out there a lot better off than me, and there people a lot worse off. In fact, I know nothing about the people who read this besides how many people click on the page. To think I could know what people need is completely foolish, but, I think it would also be missing the point.

The point is to help others, whenever you can, in whatever manner you have the capability. Humans are innately social beings. We are our greatest asset. No amount of money can take away the pain of losing a loved one or going through a divorce. Therefore, money is certainly not the answer to everything but it can change the dynamic of many situations.

Many of the rules of finance are applicable across a wide range of conditions and although the specifics may not be the same globally, the major concepts often hold together just fine. My point is, that just like the guardian in the movie (Casey Affleck) I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I have good intention and if any of what I write helps anyone than I’ll be happy.

I know it may sound crazy but after stumbling across Mr. money mustache’s blog, I’m pretty sure my entire future was changed. Although I knew I didn’t want to work for 45 years, it was just an idea in my head. His articles helped me to crystallize everything and move forward with a plan of action. I sure as hell don’t know where I’ll be 45 years from now, but hopefully I’m alive and I have a feeling I’ll be a lot happier and better off just because I read that blog and made some decisions based off of it. I don’t mean to suggest that my ideas or writing is as nearly as good as his but the fact that he changed my life inspired me to try and help others. So take bits and pieces of what you need, leave what you don’t. But I hope this helps someone out there like he helped me and like we should all help each other. Even strangers, no questions asked.

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