August 8, 2020
MBA degree

MBA from India or Abroad?

MBA degree

MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. Most people opt for MBA after completing their graduation or after certain years of work experience. Now, you must be wondering if you should do your MBA from India or abroad. Well, read ahead to find out which suits your needs better.

First of all, it is highly imperative for you to understand that a degree from an Indian university is given the most importance in the Indian subcontinent. This is so because these universities know exactly what the Indian employers demand from their staff. On the other hand, if you are someone who doesn’t wish to do a job but join the family business or start something of your own, then a MBA degree from abroad is definitely going to help you more. This is so because it’ll teach you something from what is taught to the Indian masses. In fact, you may not know but it is a mandatory requirement in universities abroad that you must have at least three to five years of work experience.

Next, Indian universities focus more on theoretical training. Though there is compulsory internship for around 3 months during summer, that is not enough. On the other hand, foreign universities focus more on the practical aspect. This means that you are left out in the field to fend for yourself. This is great because actually, theory and practice are quite different from one another.

In fact, a great advantage of MBA is that it helps you in building your own network and also getting a job at a top multinational company if you are worth it. Completing your MBA from a renowned university abroad can take you a step closer to this dream. This is because you will meet people from diverse backgrounds and culture over there. It will broaden your mental horizon and teach you how to accept others. In fact, soft skills such as communication, adjustment and independence will also be developed. These are all very important if you ever wish to see yourself in a top managerial post.

Lastly, finance is also a significant factor to consider. By this, I mean the fees. Though MBA is not cheap anywhere, you need understood that in case you wish to do it from a foreign university you will not only have to pay the education and course fees but also look after your accommodation. The cost of living abroad is very high and not everyone can afford it. In case you take an education loan, you need to make other considerations as well. Instead of making is such a chaotic process, you should go for it when actually possible.

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