October 1, 2020

Should You or Should You Not be Pursuing an MBA


Dear MBA aspirants, why do you want to go for an MBA?

If you have never asked yourself THAT question, then there are chances you are not in control of your career choices. Many of us go for an MBA thinking that it is the ultimate degree anyone can have, or we expect to do an MBA from any college thinking that after that somehow it’s all ‘automatic money’, or because the societal-boasting-norms have shifted from ‘our son is an engineer/doctor’ to ‘our son has a MBA’. Don’t go for an MBA just to get a better marriage proposal. There is a lot, LOT more to an MBA degree.

Out of the 2 billion-plus MBA aspirants, only a fraction will get into a top b-school, that doesn’t mean that the remaining are not worth anything. It just means that they are better at something else than being an MBA. We are all unique. So, if you haven’t asked yourself THAT question, there is still time. We’ve written in detail – when you should go for an MBA and when not, along with other factors that need to be considered. Go through it in the following article here and be clear in your head if you are MBA-ready or not.

(1) Ask yourself if the MBA programs that you are considering actually provide you with any practical management or leadership training. The main objective of an MBA program is to be able to develop special leadership and managerial skills in the presence of a compressive, progressive environment. MBA involves extensive development of interpersonal skills.

(2) It is important to understand that an MBA is not a compulsory degree, but an optional course, and technically a huge investment. So, it is crucial for you to weigh both sides before making this decision. Where do you currently stand on the corporate ladder and how far can MBA take you?

(3) Whatever b-schools you are considering, how are the alumni of those colleges or universities perceived by the market? How active is the alumni network and how connected are they to the institution. Trust me when I say, alumni association plays a crucial role in campus placements at the end of two years.

(4) It is also very important to have reached about the subjects that you will be taught in different courses and how significant they might be in the real business world.
Dear MBA aspirants, why do you want to go for an MBA?

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