August 8, 2020

Potential Hurdles for Internet of Things

The world is changing fast, incorporating the technological advancements taking place swiftly. But every change comes with its own challenges. It’s not easy to bring in that transition without any problems being posed. With technologies like automation, Machine learning and internet of things coming up, the world is not the same any more. It is going to affect everything, our lifestyles, our learning ways and the way we work. Industries are changing trying to adapt themselves to the change they are witnessing around them. The internet of things is one such technology that is taking the world by storm. The internet of things is a set of physical devices connected together over the internet having an IP address and communicate with each other for optimizing the performance of each connected device which are internet enabled. The internet of things has extended the scope of the internet beyond the traditional desktop, laptop and smart phones and has the potential to change the way we use our other electronic devices. But there are a lot of difficulties on the way of implementation of the internet of things in our daily life. Here are some of them.

1) Internet connectivity is one of the major challenges that the IOT faces. The problem is huge at the moment. Though networks around the world are increasing with the development but still it’s far from being ideal. Not just the developing world but the developed countries too have internet accessibility problems. Even if it’s there the speed is not sufficient enough. So connectivity is definitely going to be a major hurdle for IOT.

2) Internet of things requires a lot of data sharing between the connected devices, with the data being stored on server or cloud. However, the security and safety of the data is something to worry about. We have still not achieved those levels of data security even today, as data breaching is very common and pressing problems being faced by the internet dependent institutions today. So making sure that the data is not breached is another challenge for IOT to be implemented with trustworthiness.

3) The required technological advancement and infra structure for the implementation of IOT is not adequate in most of the countries. There are other distressing issues that the world faces as a result they are not able to shift focus on this technology. This leads to lack of infrastructural support required for it.

4) The cost of implementation is also a factor to be considered while incorporating a new technology. Companies trying to implement IOT still have to work out ways to reduce the cost of it, so as to make it economically feasible and sustainable. More research and knowledge is required in this regard.

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