August 3, 2020

How to Switch Jobs When you Hate Your Life

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Have you ever been stuck at a job you hate? A job that is literally sucking the life right out of you? Not only hurting your mental health but physical health. If this is the case it’s time to consider switching jobs! Life is short, don’t get caught working a 9-5 that is destroying you.

Let’s set up the backstory a little. You either just graduated college or recently got into the workforce. You are at your first “real job”; making a real paycheck, working real hours, life has finally smacked you across the face. The days of living in a bubble and having your parents help take care of your financial responsibilities are over. It’s time to buckle down and start to earn your own living.

Below is a guide on how to switch jobs without all the stress. Taking a few precautionary steps will make the transition much easier on yourself. If you are truly hating your job, consider taking immediate action.

Keep your expenses as low as possible

One of the main reasons switching jobs can be so difficult is money. We need money to pay bills, eat, live, and have a roof over our heads. I believe in living frugal and free for this very reason. When you reduce your expenses your freedom skyrockets. I personally changed jobs four different times within the first few years after graduating college. This was only achievable by lowering my cost of living.

I did this by moving back in with my parents after college. I knew the first job I got out of college was not going to be my last, especially with my personality. I am someone who never settles, so staying at my first job was a slim chance.

Don’t go out and buy a new car! Please listen to me when I say this, seriously. A car payment can ruin your financial future right out of the gates. You don’t deserve a new car, plain and simple. Would you rather be driving a brand new car miserable at your current job or be driving your high school car around enjoying life?

Things like eating out, going to the bar and paying for entertainment each week really add up quick. If you don’t want money to dictate when you can switch jobs, cut your expenses.

Save as much as you can if you want to switch jobs

This might be obvious to most. You should always be saving as much as you can, especially when you want to switch jobs. Having an emergency fund and a nest egg to rely on is critical. Best case scenario you can stick it out at your current job until you have another one lined up. But in some cases, this might be impossible. If you are needing to switch jobs immediately, have enough funds available to live off of until you can land your next job. Give yourself a solid cushion.

Prepare your resume

Grind out the work days at your current job, it can be difficult, but you can do it. During your down time start preparing your resume. Your resume is a never finished project, you can always be perfecting it and making it better. Have family and friends proofread after you make any changes.

If your resume is ready to roll the next two steps comes much easier, without all the stress. The worst thing you want to do is rush getting your resume ready for your next interview.

Apply for as many jobs as you can that are relevant

Your goal is to switch jobs as quickly as possible. With that being said don’t waste your time on jobs you are applying for to just get you out of your current situation. If you’re going from one bad job to another what’s the point?

I am an avid user of using a “T” chart. Write out what you like and dislike about your current job. Things like working outside, being on your feet, working with others, should be items to consider. Plan out what you want your next job to look like.

Focus your time on jobs you are truly interested in. Applying for jobs can be draining and discouraging. Keep your head up and grind! Good things will come with hard work.

Practice Interviews with your family and friends

Congrats! You landed an interview at a job you are really excited for. Are you going to go into it blind and just “wing it”? Hell no! You hate the job you are at right now, so you’re going to take this interview VERY seriously. Practice interview questions with your friends and family. Practice makes perfect and your confidence will soar before your interview.

Research the company as much as possible. Learn exactly what they do. How do they make money? How long have they been in business? What is their mission statement?

Learn more about the person interviewing you, if you can. Go onto Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and find out as much as you can about the person. This is the one time “creeping” on social media is not weird =). Find some common ground you can talk about during your interview. Connecting with the person interviewing you has been proven to lead to a successful interview.
Take action if you want to switch jobs

Switching jobs can be painful, really painful. You need to put in some serious work. It’s time to focus on the long term! Staying at a job you hate is not worth it.

Follow up with your interviewer. Write a hand-written letter thanking them for their time and express how you are even more excited about the position after learning more from the interview.

Think outside the box. Dress professionally and go from business to business handing out your resume and asking if they are hiring. This alone is a very bold move and might get you an interview you wouldn’t have otherwise.

It’s time to take action! Get off your ass and focus on making your life better!

Worst case scenario when switching jobs

I don’t recommend you do this but some cases you might have too. If you are at a job that makes you feel like a boulder is crushing you and you have nowhere else to go, your only option might be to leave. Your health is not worth staying at a job that makes you miserable.

I am a full believer that God will provide. He has many times for my wife and I. Have some sort of plan in place but take the leap of faith. Know your life might get rough for a little while, but in the long run it will be the right decision.

Good luck on your adventure in switching jobs! The future is bright!

This article was written by The Savvy Couple. Married high school sweethearts obsessed with personal finance. On a mission to help others get $avvy with their money so they can live frugal and free! Check them out on social media: FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest

2 thoughts on “How to Switch Jobs When you Hate Your Life

  1. Thanks for sharing our post! I learned ALOT working as a Jail Deputy for 2 1/2 years. It was crazy how much that job affected my life. Hopefully, this article can help someone in a similar situation.

    My wife was searching for a teaching job the last year I worked there. We owned a house so I had no option but to muscle through the bad situation. It made me a much stronger individual and looking back I am very proud I was able to stick it out.

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