August 3, 2020

The Perfect Life

If you’ve done your homework on financial independence or are at least familiar with the concept, it’s likely that you are aware of the benefits that it provides. But what if you are trying to explain it to a significant other or somebody else who is just unfamiliar with the concept? How do you get them on board? Well, obviously the best approach is going to vary based on the person but it might be helpful to start by asking the following question…
What would your perfect life look like?
If you think like me there are probably going to be two answers that come to mind here. The first being our fantasy life. I’d be a professional athlete married to a celebrity. Or something along those lines. The second would be perhaps a more realistic version in which we have largely the same life but with a few tweaks. Perhaps you live in a different place, or have a different job, or get the opportunity to go to the school of your dreams. The answer we’re looking to tease out with this question is the latter. The perfect life within the realm of possibility.
I’ll share mine. I see myself married with a kid or two, living out West, and traveling for large portions of the year. When at home I’d like to be volunteering or leading outdoor trips. Not too crazy right?
Now think. What does yours look like? Forget work or school for a minute, the possibilities are endless.
As long as your vision isn’t to live on the moon then it’s likely that financial independence is a realistic path that can help get them there. Even if it is to live on the moon, it could be possible soon enough with the rise of Elon Musk and some other commercial space startups. But the point is, once money is taken out of the equation, it can become a game changer for people. They aren’t afraid to tell people how they feel and do what they truly want to do. That’s how we should be living life all the time, not holding all that in because we need our next paycheck. As a final note, don’t expect this change to happen overnight. Plant the idea and if it strikes a chord with them at all, they’ll come around eventually.

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