October 1, 2020
Insurance claim

Tips to Get your Insurance Claim Accepted

Insurance claim

  • Be quick: Whenever you wish to get your insurance claim accepted, you need to ensure that you are quick. This is firstly because the longer you take, the more suspicious the insurance company is bound to get regarding your actions. Secondly, every insurance policy has its own terms and conditions that you read and sign for. There, they clearly mention the time period within which you need to file to claim your insurance after the incident. If you fail to do so, then the company is not liable to give you anything.
  • Give all details: This means that in you must be able to give clear details about the accident. Usually, what happens is that you are asked questions regarding little things as well. This is done just to confirm that it was indeed an accident and not a planned action just to get your hands on the money. In such a situation, you must be able to give all the points accurately. In case you feel that later you are inclined to forget it, you must make an immediate note of facts such as the date, the time of accident, the other people involved, how it all happened and how much you wish to claim.
  • Do not lie: You must never lie or hide facts. This means that do not exaggerate anything or think that you should conceal a point either. You need to be franks and state things as they are and just the way they happened. If the company gets suspicious or thinks that you are not true, then they might reject your claims on grounds of false case and fraud.
  • Have all documents: This is also one of the most important things if you wish to get your insurance claim approved. This means that you must first have all the policy documents ready that you had initially received. Secondly, if there is a police complaint made, then that too needs to be maintained in the records. Following this, you can have details about the net worth of your valuables that were insured or even photographs of the items when they were in a better condition. In fact, you must also have copies of these so that in case something is lost or gets tampered, you are not left stranded but have a backup to rely on.
  • Make a note of the steps that you are taking: Lastly, you must make note of each and every step that you are taking. You see, these things can be very complicated. This is why each time you talk to your insurance broker or go to the police or have a conversation with your insurance company, you must make note of the time, the date, their name and the instructions that they give you. This way, if they later question the basis of your actions, you can simply produce this document and tell them that it is not your fault and you simply did as you were instructed to. This is also helpful if it turns into a legal matter.

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