October 1, 2020
Mutual fund

Top 5 Technology Mutual Funds that are Looking Good for 2019

Mutual fund

Technology mutual funds are those types of funds which invest their money in those technology companies are leading in the present scenario. These are the equity mutual funds which generally make an investment in the leading IT companies which play a major role in the tech business. Some of the examples of this technology business are artificial intelligence, data analytics etc. and companies like TCS, Infosys, and HCL are some well known firms in which you can make an investment for long terms and get benefit out of it.

 Here is a list of the top five technology mutual funds that are looking good for 2019 are given below-

  • SBI Technology Opportunities Fund – Direct Plan (G)

The SBI technology Opportunity fund is characterized as a mutual fund which is quite diverse when it comes to making an investment in either technology to the technology related companies. On observing its past performances, the SBI technology fund has performed quite good producing satisfactory results. Companies like HCL or TCS are generally known to hold its funds. Also its fund has a low expense ratio.

  • Franklin India Technology Fund – Direct Plan (G)

Being the next technology fund, the main idea o this IT fund is to seek for those capital appreciations which are above normal. They do this by making investments in such companies which have recently been growing fast and are known for their high quality performances in the IT sector. Also you will find a slightly higher expense ratio for this type of fund.

  • Tata Digital India Fund – Direct Plan (G)

This is the first technology fund that is used for investment. In the past few years it has been observed that it has given good return. The main objective of this fund is to make an investment of nearly eight percent in that instrument which are related to equity in the sector of information technology. Due to its magnificent results, this fund has been known to outdo the others like S&P, BSE IT etc. Also this fund has a low expense ratio.

  • Aditya Birla Sun Life Digital India Fund – Direct Plan (G)

This is considered as one of the best technology funds in today’s date due to its appreciable performance in the past. It is known to have given god return in the past and follows the strategy of growth as well as value investing. Its expense ratio fun is high.

  • ICICI Prudential Technology Fund – Direct Plan (G)

As in the current market, this fund is the oldest of them all in terms of the technology sector fund. Its main objective is to make investments in those types of securities which are either equity or equity related of the companies which are technology dependent. This fund has been known to give a record two digit return to the ones who have made investment in it. This fund makes seventy percent of its investment in those mainly those IT sector companies which large capital.

Thus the above listed technology funds are preferred to be the best among all and if you are looking for a suitable option to make an investment in the technology funds.

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