October 1, 2020
Artificial Intelligence

Will the Next Cold War Be Powered by Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence

During 1980s, the time of the Cold War after World War II, the weapons used were mainly nuclear missiles. But now nations are using advanced technologies for developing and building new weapons that will work according to innovative software. This software is a great threat for targeting the enemies in real world and also attacking their computer systems. This software is related to Artificial Intelligence and this is of great importance. It is under development and if it develops it will work more efficiently than humans and will able to make quick decisions comprising of more data in play. Artificial Intelligence has its application in various fields from drones to self driving cars. In short, we can say that in coming time the world will enter the Cold War phase that will be fueled by Artificial Intelligence. Russia is using technology as the upper hand to gain victory in upcoming wars.

Artificial Intelligence has rapid decision making capabilities and can act quickly if any surprise attack nearby the border of the country takes place. Without any personal or potential hesitation and any dissent of the human, AI could act more quickly. Unmanned vehicles like cyber weapons and drone comes under the non nuclear weapons category and are also controlled by Artificial Intelligence.  It can also prevent a drone attack of the other party just by simply destroying the drone system or by hacking it. Humans have to think and need time to analyze the data but this system is so quick that it makes decision before humans could think out of anything and can launch the cyber weapons or any real world weapons. In all this process there is no pause or any noticeable pause which increases the efficiency of the system.

Artificial Intelligence is also responsible for creating advantage for nation business opportunities. This provides a deterrent against the enemy or nearby country attack and can prevent many attacks. According to Putin this Artificial Intelligence is the future but not only for Russia bull for other countries also and for all of the mankind. During war how fast the opponent responds decides the fate of the war and this quick decision making capabilities only lies in hand of Artificial Intelligence if we use it in the right way. The time when there will be a wide use of these systems is still some time far away but countries employing these systems will definitely have an upper hand in any upcoming Cold War.

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